Welcome to our new website about metallographic products and material testing. We offer lots of useful information about lab supplies for metallography, our work and diamond polishing, especially. Our lab recipes for the preparation of all imaginable materials as well as all our practical hints and tips are currently updated – so check our website regularly for upcoming news.

What we offer
The Schmitz-Metallographie GmbH is parted into three business units:

Metallographic lab supplies including diamond polishing agents
We started selling metallographic supplies in 2002. Since then, our supply has grown and now we offer everything needed for metallographic sample preparation: From sectioning and mounting, grinding and polishing, to etching and cleaning. We also offer devices for the mobile metallography and, occasionally, used machines.
Additionally, we produce diamond polishing agents of the highest quality. We offer different textures and concentrations of diamond powder. The knowledge to produce diamond pastes, lubricants and suspensions was obtained by taking over the company Industrie-Diamant Allgäu. We can even adapt the polishing agents to your requirements.
Learn more on the IDA websites about the qualities and the production of diamond powder.
Materials Engineering
You have detected a defect in manufacturing or have a case of damage? Or you just want to check the quality of your parts?
After a detailed conference, we frame the task with you and propose a sensible approach. We access our highly qualified staff, the newly installed test laboratory and if required our expert network to offer you a one-stop solution.
In the case of a large amount of inspection, we keep you informed with preliminary reports. Thereby, we provide competent advice and a rapid response time.
Contact us
You are interested in our work, or you have any questions? Please send us an email or call us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.